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EFC Monthly | Mission Ellensburg

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

This past year, our big “Kingdom” step has been to reestablish a sense of family and belonging in our church. To that end, we have made great progress. While the work of being a family is never done, I believe God has a new step for us, and it involves us serving people outside the walls and relationships of our church. In short, we need to grow as a family on mission. On an individual level, each of us is called to be on mission in our day-to-day life, and over the next year, I believe we will see God moving through us in new and surprising ways. My prayer is that, as we see the Kingdom of God advance through us outside our church, we will learn to celebrate these “wins” and encourage one another inside our church. If you have a story about God doing something cool, please be quick to share it; it is not bragging or prideful when your story encourages others.

In addition to being on mission individually, I believe God wants to give us a corporate assignment, maybe two. I have no idea yet what that assignment might be, and I don’t like the idea of just being busy trying to do good. However, God knows exactly what our community needs, and I believe He wants to partner with us in seeking His Kingdom come and His will done in our community as it is in heaven. Our job is to listen and obey.

So, this summer, we will devote a week to listening to our community and to God. We are calling it “Mission Ellensburg,” and our goal is to better understand the needs of our community and be asking, “God, what are You doing here, and how can we partner with You?”

SAVE THE DATES | JULY 11-16, 2022

Here's a rough outline of the week:

Weeknight gatherings will end by 8:30pm; Saturday is 9am-3pm. Anyone can be involved in Mission Ellensburg on three conditions:

  1. Commit to making the gathering times your scheduled priority for the week.

  2. Commit to humbly listening to various community leaders as they share their perspective on the needs and challenges of our community.

  3. Commit to personal and corporate times of seeking God and stepping out by faith.

Mission Ellensburg is a bit like research and development in loving our community. I am excited about what God will do as we seek to listen and obey. Please be praying for me as I reach out to community leaders asking them to come and speak with us.

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