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Time to Pause

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We have a problem with noise.

Very smart people have created very powerful machines designed to capture and keep our attention.

The problem is your spiritual life requires your attention in an entirely different way. Stillness, silence, waiting are the tools for hearing and receiving from the God. Jesus promises if we seek him persistently the Father will give us the Holy Spirit (see Luke 11:9-13).

As a church we are setting aside January 4-10 to mute the noise and seek the LORD. Here is what that looks like:


  • Pause Social Media

  • Pause Movies

  • Pause all TV

  • Pause Video Games

  • Pause all Digital Entertainment for the Week

  • Pause Reading the Paper & Magazines

Purpose of Media Fast: To Give God our Full Attention


To support this time of pause we will also pause weekly scheduled activities around church. With exception of Sunday worship service & Cold Weather Shelter.

Purpose of Church Activity Pause: Giving God our full attention as a whole community. We are trusting He is the One in control of our ministries.

SABBATH | Wednesday, January 4

Start the week with rest. Take the evening or day to slow down, pause routines and

Purpose of setting the day to Sabbath: Focused reliance on God. Our ability to do or work is submitted to him by resting.

CORPORATE PRAYER & WORSHIP | Thursday-Monday, Jan 5-9 from 6pm to 8pm

Join us in person at church. Come when you can and leave when you need. Childcare will be provided for the week.

Purpose: To wait on the Lord together as a community, spending time seeking His Kingdom. We know when we wait on the Lord he changes us from the inside out.

FAMILY CONNECT & ASK TESTIMONIES | Tuesday, January 10 at 5:30pm

We will break our fasting with Family Connect for dinner and gathering around tables to share testimonies. All are welcome to participate even if you didn't come to prayer throughout the week.

Purpose: Share testimony about what God has done and doing among us in circles. This will build up our faith and encourage us.

Take time to consider this week, what elements God is inviting you to engage in during this week of A.S.K January 4-10. Use the Scripture study and guide below as a resource to remind you what we are doing during the week of ask.

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