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Worship is the act of giving God the honor and praise we believe He deserves. One of the ways we do that is through the form of music. During this portion of the service, most people will stand during the songs, sing along, and some might raise their hands; you are welcome to participate or stay seated if you prefer. We will also display the words on the screens so you can follow along if the songs are new to you.


At Ellensburg Foursquare, we believe that worship is a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical experience in the presence of God. To this, we hold a worship service on the first Sunday evening of every month where we gather as a body to worship our Savior with our entire selves: a 360° experience. 

360 Worship is for anyone and everyone. We would love for you to join us once a month. See you there!




ALSO SCHEDULED FOR: 2021: MAR. 7 | MAR. 28 | MAY 2 | JUN 6

Here you will find all of our favorite music!

Loved that song at 360 Worship or the new one on Sunday morning?

Just scroll through the playlist and listen to your heart's content.

Each week teams meet Tuesday evening & before service Sunday morning for their scheduled week. We use Planning Center to schedule our teams on Sunday mornings. Free Hinton is our Worship Pastor. If you have questions feel free to email him at

The Gathering is a place for the worshippers. There are many places to serve on during worship, from playing an instrument, singing, audio & visual tech team. If you have a heart to worship, & want to learn this is the place to join in. The Gathering is a time where we share a meal, worship as a community and learn a new song for the upcoming month. The Gathering is the last Tuesday of the month & all are welcome. 


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