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The Conquer Series is about equipping men with the tools to break free from sexual bondage.  If you are tired of falling into pornography or other sexual traps and want real freedom than join us: 

  • Feb 3 - April 20 Saturdays 8-10am  (Finished)

  • More groups to come


Everything shared in a Conquer Group is confidential and each member is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in order to participate. 

Curriculum cost $30. Contact Steve Luten for more information  

Monthly Porn Viewing by Age

8 of 10.png


Men 18- 30
6 of 10.png


Men 31- 49
49 of 100.png


Men 50 - 69

* according to survey by The Barna Group (they saw not staticial difference between Christians and non-Christians)

Want freedom?           There is Hope and Healing

Pornography is more than a moral problem or an issue of self will, it is a brain problem.  The Conquer Series provides solid Biblical teaching and fosters a community of support breaking the patterns, finding healing for the issues that are driving your habit.  

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