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Tuesday Nights 7pm to 7am | NOV-MAR | Foursquare Church

We partner with seven other churches around Kittitas County to house the homeless community during the winter months. The cold weather shelter starts November and runs through March. Guests check in with their belongings at 7pm, hosted with warm drinks, doors close at 8pm. Lights are turned out at 10pm. There is a designated place for men and women. Lights on at 6am. Cleaned up out by 7am. 


Sunday | Seventh Day Adventist | 415 West 14th Avenue 

Monday | Calvary Baptist Church | 507 North Pine Street

Tuesday | Foursquare Church | 906 East Mountain View Avenue 

Wednesday | United Methodist Church | 210 North Ruby Street 

Thursday  | First Lutheran Church | 512 North Ruby Street 

Friday  | Chestnut Street Baptist Church | 609 North Chestnut Street

Saturday  | Mercer Creek Church | 1407 North B Street (Fish Building)


There are four positions each night to volunteer at the cold weather shelter. 

SCREENERS (7:00PM -8:00PM)  This position takes specialized training and screeners are on rotation. Screeners greet the guests, ask for their compliance with shelter rules and policies, check in guests personal items for storage during the duration of their stay. 

The first shift is 6:45pm to 10pm, volunteers fellowship with . The second shift is 9:45pm to 6am, volunteers do fire checks every hour. The third shift is 5:45am to 7am, volunteers help clean up and wake up participants.

All volunteers need to participate in training. Contact  Ben Harbaugh at 509.312.5602 or to make other arrangements.

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