In 2022 we are longing for breakthroughs to new levels of intimacy in worship, and new levels of empowerment
in the Spirit. To this end, I am calling the core of the church to a week focused on seeking God’s presence
January 3-9. The goal is to have us all stretched in our focus and earnestness in seeking God’s presence. Seeking God through his word is focuses and calibrates everything we do as believers.

Seeking God through his word is focuses and calibrates everything we do as believers. During this week I want to encourage us all to meditate on a series of scripture passages.  Structure is often helpful and to that end I am providing some guidelines for how to meditate.


  1. Pray – ask the Lord to open the eyes and ears of your heart to his Spirit. 

  2. Read the passage slowly and then ask yourself:
    Does anything stand out or seem especially good or meaningful to you? If so, highlight it or underline the part that stands out.

  3. Read the passage a second time allowing the words and ideas to rest in your mind. If distractions enter you mind, simply return to the place your were reading.

  4.  Take a few minutes to focus on one or two lines that stood out to you.  Read them over and over again; ponder what they mean and the implications of believing.

  5. Thank God for his word and ask him to bring to it to mind through the day.

Throughout the Week 



Stop all regularly, weekly scheduled activities around church.

Purpose: Giving God our full attention as a whole community. Trusting that He is the one in control of our ministries

SABBATH Monday, January 3 | Start the week 

Stop regular activity at home, rest

Purpose: Focused reliance on God. Our ability to do or work is submitted to him in resting with

FASTING Everyone in Someway | We are calling the whole church to discern how they should fast, food and or media.

Our goal is to seek God. It is not to be super-spiritual, nor to manipulate God into doing something for us. Therefore, it is important that we are careful to avoid all comparisons. The hope is that we are stretched to seek God with our whole heart, as each person discerns for themselves how their stretch should look. Below are some ways to fast. We encourage each person to decide how the Holy spirit is leading them in this time of Fasting.


Media Fast

  • Pause Social Media

  • Pause Movies 

  • Pause all TV

  • Pause all Digital Entertainment all week.  

Purpose: Giving God our full attention.


Food Fast

  • Daniel’s Fast – fruits and vegetables

  • Fasting all food 1 day during the week

  • Fasting 1 meal per day all week

  • Fasting 2 meals per day all week

  • Fasting multiple days during the week.

Purpose: Repentance for the ways we look to physical circumstances for life, rather than looking to God.

CORPORATE PRAYER & WORSHIP Tuesday – Saturday 6-8pm at the church.

Come when you can, leave when you need to, child care will be provided.

Wednesday 6-7PM | Family Hour of Prayer

Saturday | We will start at the church, prayer walk and then finish at the church.

Purpose: To seek God’s presence in a united way and actively wait on him, rather than doing business as usual.

A.S.K BONFIRE Sunday, January 9 | 5pm | Church Backlot

We will gather to break our fasting with soup & bread

Purpose: Share testimony about what God has done and is doing among us around a fire. This will encourage & build up our faith.